Lease Loan for the Self-employed

The self-employed are often excluded in the credit world, as banks believe they are not creditworthy with any salary. This is an opinion that does not always correspond to the facts. The self-employed can be very successful and have a good salary. Therefore, it is up to the self-employed person to convince the banks of the opposite. With the right documents and a dose of self-assurance is a lightning loan for self-employed.

Borrowing with obstacles

Borrowing with obstacles


Banks are reluctant to grant a lightning loan for the self-employed. The irregular salary and the economic situation cause banks to be cautious. However, borrowing can be successful if the self-employed person prepares well for the bank discussion and, above all, has all the necessary documents with him.

These documents include a business evaluation, the account statements of the past six months, a profit or loss account or a loss and profit account. Thus, the risk for the bank can be minimized. Should the bank still cross, a guarantor can also be used.

It would be an advantage if the guarantor is not a self-employed person and can prove a regular income. The guarantor provides this proof with the salary statements and bank statements of the last three to six months. In addition, the Schufa is checked with the applicant and also with a guarantor. In the Schufa are loan agreements, unpaid bills and garnishments. If these entries exist, it will be difficult to obtain a lightning loan for the self-employed.

It is also important whether the loan is a business loan or a personal loan. For a personal loan, it is often enough to apply to the house bank. Depending on the credit rating, a loan with a certain amount is then awarded. Here are the usual documents such as bank statements. There need not be a reason why the loan is taken. In the case of a business loan, however, the loan amount may be used exclusively for the business. In addition, the bank often requires a listing of what the money is needed for.

Where can self-employed people take out a loan?

Where can self-employed <a href=people take out a loan?” />

There are several ways to get a lightning loan for the self-employed. Many prefer their own house bank. This has the advantage that the bank already knows the borrower. A glance at the computer is enough to see the last account movements.

In addition, the interest rates are not hit as high as with other providers. Another possibility of borrowing are foreign banks. These can be, for example, direct banks. Although the same conditions must be met as with the house bank, interest rates may be lower. To find out, a credit comparison can help.

Anyone who has no opportunity to take out a loan for both options can also turn to Infrasavings Bank. This gives low-cost loans, especially to entrepreneurs. However, the application for the self-employment lending loan must be made to the principal bank. Interest rates are often very low, as they are subsidized by the state.

An application can be made to the house bank, which then contacts the Infrasavings bank. A loan application can also be made here if an old loan is still being paid off. Many banks now offer their customers the option of applying online. Especially self-employed, who have a lot to do and little time, can save so much time. From home you can apply for a lightning loan for the self-employed.

Which alternatives can be used?

Which alternatives can be used?

A further alternative for a lightning loan for self employed represents a personal loan. This can come from the friend or family circle. In addition, there are also providers on the Internet who provide a loan from private individuals. Here, however, it should be remembered that the interest rates are much higher than with banks. Who has no alternative, must bite so in the sour apple and spend more for his credit.

The repayment is equal to that of banks. A monthly rate is agreed, which must be paid on time. Before signing a contract, a comparison can help you find the right loan. The comparison will save a lot of money, because with the multiplicity of offerers the overview can be lost fast. If the self-employed take out a lightning loan for self-employed in a private environment, a contract should necessarily be concluded. Templates are issued on the Internet. Only then can both sides be sure that the installments will be paid off.

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