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A loan for sewer rehabilitation is due, for example, if the drain or a channel is clogged. Especially when the pipes in the sewer system are already old, it may happen that a sewer rehabilitation must be carried out.

The renovation is associated with significant costs. The cost ultimately depends on the method used, but it is usually expensive anyway.

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Credit for sewer rehabilitation – location

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - location

If a degree is clogged, often a complete sewer rehabilitation is due. Especially when old pipes are still laid in the sewage system.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – low interest rate & fast

The costs then depend on whether a channel can still be repaired or whether a complete renewal must be made. If there is a major damage or a complete breakage of pipes, often even the soil must be torn open. The exact costs depend on the procedures used. This goes from a trenchless sewer rehabilitation to a sewer rehabilitation with a robot.

Customers will have to reckon with a loan for sewer rehabilitation with costs of 2000 to 10000 Euro. If, however, old pipes have to be renewed and made accessible, the costs can increase.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – the facts

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - the facts

Not all customers have so much on the high edge to pay these costs. Many customers also often have no building insurance, although these insurance companies pay only with reservations. If you are used to rent, the landlord will have to cover these expenses. But at a home owner bears the cost of the owner.

Thus, a sewer rehabilitation on their own land can easily reach a four- to five-figure sum that just older or living people can not pay. This can quickly ruin financially weak households. For this reason, banks provide low-interest loans. Intrasavings bank also offers low-interest loans.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – financing

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - financing

So should first be inquired at the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, whether a low-interest loan for sewer rehabilitation is possible. However, the application must be made before the measure. Also, the loan application can not be made directly with the Intrasavings bank, this runs all over the house bank. However, this loan application requires that, for example, a sewage treatment plant be converted or if a road rehabilitation is pending.

If Intrasavings bank is out of the question, for example, the house bank can be a contact person. Especially if there was also a real estate financing was completed.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – credit requirements

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - credit requirements

If you need a loan, you have to prove to the bank that you are able to pay a loan. First of all, the bank checks the income of the customer. This should ideally be above the attachment exemption limit. The is currently anchored at 1150 euros and that for a single person.

In addition, the private credit must be in order, this must not contain negative entries. Also important is a permanent job from which the income is received regularly. Other liabilities such as loans or installments should be manageable. If you are on the limit with your monthly budget, you will not get a loan even if your income is good.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – choose the right loan

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - choose the right loan

So that the loan also fits the monthly budget, a cash fall should be made first. All expenses are compared to revenues.

There should be a residual amount left, which can be used as part of the loan installment. Experts advise not to use the entire surplus for the rate, because then there is no reserve, when it comes to unexpected purchases or repairs. Also important is the amount of the rate. In no case should clients let themselves be floated by banks and choose a higher rate just because the loan is then paid faster. A short term is ideal for the banks, since they have only a low default risk.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – credit comparison

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - credit comparison

If the house bank’s offer is unsatisfactory, a lender can also search for a lender on the internet. Customers have a wide choice. But you should choose the lender carefully and, above all, read the terms carefully.

You simply enter the loan amount and the desired term in the comparison. Directly the installment amount and the interest rate becomes visible. As for the interest rate to mention that this does not apply to all customers. Banks, of course, set the interest rate, the customers receive a flawless credit rating. But many credit seekers do not have that. Therefore the interest rate offer valid for you with a personal loan offer is valid. If the credit rate seems too high to the customer, he can adjust it to his income by extending his term.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – pay attention to special conditions

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - pay attention to special conditions

Many customers only stiffen the interest rate, ignoring the fact that they may receive an inflexible loan. This means that no special repayments can be made.

Often no rate breaks are provided. But that should be important for a loan. Because it is precisely the borrowers who have special payments in the course of the year could replace the loan prematurely with a permitted special repayment.

If this was not agreed, the special repayment can not take place or it will be charged. It’s the same with installment breaks. In most cases, a loan runs for many years, since it can come here and there to a financial bottleneck, which could catch one or two installment breaks.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – bad private credit

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - bad private credit

Who has a bad private credit and in this country asks for a loan, who will often receive a rejection. The bad private credit shows the bank that it has come in the past to payment difficulties and rejects the loan.

For these customers, there are the private creditfreien loans that come now from Liechtenstein. The credit from the Liechtensteiner Bank is only available from 3500 Euro and a maximum of 7500 Euro will be granted.

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