Requirements for entering into a debt consolidation: Educational loan

An educational loan is commonly available to students as well as students. However, the desired loan is only granted if certain conditions are met.

Educational Credit: Why?

Educational Credit: Why?

An educational loan is awarded to students and students so that they can reach their destination faster and cover additional costs.

An educational loan is granted mainly because it allows students to complete their education or study more quickly and to cover the most varied and extraordinary costs with the money that can not be paid for with the help of Federal financial aid. This is also the decisive reason why an educational loan can be applied for in addition to the Federal financial aid.

However, as it is usually the case that students and students are generally unable to apply for sufficient collateral for the awarding of an educational loan, the federal government is beginning to grant a deficiency guarantee. The deficiency guarantee is the so-called federal guarantee, which also ensures that the loan is granted at a very favorable interest rate.

In addition, in the case of an educational loan, it should be borne in mind that neither the assets nor the income of the applicant, his spouse or even the parents are taken into account here.

Attention: However, the granting of the loan is such that in principle only such studies or training are subsidized by means of an education loan, which are also recognized according to the guidelines of the Federal financial aid.


In order to be awarded an educational loan, it is essential to meet the various requirements.

In order for an education loan to be awarded, students and students must fulfill various requirements. In contrast to the Federal financial aid, however, there is no legal claim, since this is an educational loan, which is assigned to the education loan program, which has a predetermined budget.

– Prerequisites Students : In order for students to receive an educational loan, they must already be in an advanced study section. It is important to know how “advanced” is defined in this context: A student classified as “advanced” is someone who has already successfully completed the intermediate exam of his / her degree program. But even those who have successfully completed the first part of their consecutive degree program or who are in a Master’s or Master’s degree or a postgraduate degree program are able to apply for an education loan. In the case of a bachelor’s degree, it is sufficient if the university issues a corresponding proof that the student has managed to provide the usual services required during the first year of the course.

If, however, it is a course of study that does not provide for an intermediate examination in the curriculum, written proof from the university or the respective training institution is also required, which proves that the prospective borrower has achieved the benefits required within the first two years.

– Prerequisites Pupils : Pupils, on the other hand, are only entitled to apply for an educational loan if they have already reached the age of 18 and are therefore of legal age. They must also either in possession or be a completed education reach the respective professional qualification in either the penultimate or last year of the allotted time period of the education loan.

However, in addition to these specific requirements for students, there are other general conditions that must also be met:

– Age : Usually, as mentioned above, an educational loan is only awarded if the applicant in question has already reached the age of 18; This usually applies to students as well. In addition, however, the loan is only paid up to the month in which the prospective borrower has already reached the age of 36.

– Nationality : When applying for an education loan, however, one’s own nationality also plays a very important role. Thus, the loan is only paid to German nationals, as explained in the Basic Law.

However, it is also possible for foreigners to receive an educational loan if the following conditions are met:

– The permanent residence of the applicant is located within Germany or the spouse or a parent is a German, as defined in the Basic Law.

– Or the aspiring Darlensnehmer is a recognized refugee.

– Alternatively, however, recognized homeless persons are also entitled to apply for an educational loan. This also applies if an asylum claim exists.

– But even if the applicant has already been in Germany for five years prior to the beginning of the respective section of his training and has also been legally employed.

– Is it the case that the parents of the prospective borrower have been resident in Germany for six years and continue to make a legal acquisition? In addition, the preconditions for a shorter employment lasting at least six months do not provide evidence of a six-year employment for an unjustifiable cause.



With an educational loan, the amount of the loan amount is fixed.

In the case of an educational loan, the minimum sum is the same as the maximum maximum benefit. This amounts to at least 1,000 euros and a maximum of 7,200 euros. The payment of the loan amounts to 300 euros per month, which are generally transferred in advance. In addition, the maximum duration of funding is 24 months.

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However, it is possible that students as well as students decide between different payment amounts: Here you can pay 100, 200 and 300 Euro per month. Furthermore, a one-time payment is possible, which is made in addition to the respective disbursements. Their amount amounts to 3,600 euros; where the below conditions must be given.

In addition, it is feasible to limit the number of installments at the beginning. However, this may not be less than three months. If that is so feasible, it is possible to apply for an additional loan during the 24 months.

While it is possible to divide the education loan over the 24 months, such an approach is limited to a total of only two loans.

However, if a larger sum is needed to make a specific, exceptional purchase and the claimant is able to present it credibly, then in addition to the monthly payments, upon receipt of a request, the 3,600 euro described above may also be pre-paid be paid out.



However, it is equally important to pay attention to the duration during which an educational loan is awarded to the maximum.

As already explained above, the longest possible period of the credit for education is 24 months. In addition, however, that the loan is paid out at most until the end of the twelfth semester.

However, if a longer loan is required, the applicant will only receive it if he or she has been admitted to the final examination and the university certifies that it is possible to complete the training during the relevant period.

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