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Apply for a loan from Eugene to make room for what you dream of. Eugene will always make an individual credit assessment of you and your financial situation. It is to be sure that you do not borrow more than you eventually have the opportunity to pay back. So it’s both for your own sake, so you don’t end up in a situation where you can’t pay, but it’s also certainty for Eugene that they get their borrowed money again. Eugene can thus help you in the best possible way give your economy a little air so that your dreams can be redeemed even if you do not have the money right now and here. As long as you can just pay them back again.

Find out payday loans direct lenders today

In order for you to apply for payday loan direct lender to borrow money from Citrus North –, you must meet a number of requirements. It is such a help to yourself that you do not end up borrowing money that you cannot repay. At Eugene, you have to be 21 years old to be able to borrow money. It is on the grounds that it is in the age that many have got an independent economy up and standing and not necessarily have it already as 18 years old. You must complete an application where you must enter how much you want to borrow, and then you must provide your contact information and CPR number so that Eugene can get in touch with you when you have submitted your application. In your application for a loan, you must also give access to e-tax for them to obtain your tax information. Here they get access to your latest annual statement and your income conditions. When you receive an answer to your application, you must approve it with your NemId. Once you have received an answer to your application and approved it, your entire credit amount will be deposited into your account within minutes. This applies all days also on weekends and holidays. If you are approved and even approve your application, the loan can thus be in your account the same day. You do not have to wait for it to become everyday, but you can search and receive loans at any time.

Payments on your loan

Once you have taken out a loan, it must, of course, be repaid. When you create a loan with Eugene, you have to pay a setup fee of DKK 495. If you borrow DKK 15,000, your total credit costs are 15,495. Kr. In addition, there is a monthly minimum payment that accounts for 12.5% ​​of your outstanding credit. The minimum payment is the monthly interest payment for you to keep your credit, and you have to pay each month. If you do not, your entire credit will be paid. Whether you borrow DKK 3,000 or DKK 15,000, the entire loan must be repaid no later than 12 months after you took it. In addition, there is a fixed borrowing rate of 150%. It is no matter how much you borrow. At Eugene, there is no fixed maturity of the credit.

Loan Example:

Let’s make a loan example where you want to borrow 10,000 KR.

Total credit amount DKK 10,000.
Fixed debt interest rate 150%
OPEN 319.7%
Monthly minimum payment: SEK 1,311.8.
Credit costs: DKK 15,742.5.
Total repayment amount: DKK 26,237.5.

The price example assumes that the credit is fully utilized and redeemed after 12 months. If you borrow DKK 10,000 and make full use of the credit, you will end up having to pay DKK 26,237.50 back to Eugene. Your monthly minimum payment is in the example DKK 1,311.8 because the credit amount is DKK 10,000. The monthly minimum payment changes depending on how much you want to borrow. For example, if you want to borrow DKK 9,500, your monthly minimum payment will be DKK 1,250.

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