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Consumer credit is defined as the contract by which a lender grants a consumer credit in the form of deferred payment, loan or other financial facility. The finalized loan falls into this category. This is a personal loan reserved for consumers and therefore it is not granted to companies or individuals wishing to finance their business.

We try to understand what is its operation and what guarantees are required.

How does it work

How does it work

This is a type of loan granted by an institution or a credit company and granted at the same time as a purchase. The loan therefore consists of a loan linked to a contract for the purchase of a consumer good (such as cars, appliances) or a service (such as courses, travel, gymnasium). In this case the financial company, often affiliated with the seller, pays the latter directly. The installments are pre-established and their flexibility is linked to the terms of the contract, as is the case with personal loans.

The parts of the contract

The parts of the contract

When a finalized loan contract is stipulated, the amount of the loan is paid out to the seller. The actors of a loan are therefore:

  • the client requesting the loan;
  • the seller who benefits from the sum requested on loan;
  • the institution or credit company that provides the loan itself.

The guarantees required

The guarantees required

Unlike the mortgage, for example, the consumer credit finalized does not provide for the demonstration of collateral (such as the mortgage). However, in cases such as a fixed-term employment contract, lenders may request additional personal guarantees, such as the signature of a third party who commits himself to the creditor in the event of the insolvency of the principal debtor. Another possible restriction and obstacle to the granting of financing can be a negative credit history.

The zero rate

The zero rate

When we simply want to stimulate the purchase, allowing the consumer to face an otherwise unsustainable expense, we are faced with a zero-rate loan. In cases such as these, credit can be understood as a sort of “discount”.

The seller, in fact, has every interest in taking on the burden of financing towards the institute or the credit company. This is obviously a very advantageous solution for the buyer because it provides for the total elimination of interest rates, which often weigh heavily on the repayment installments.

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Debt Consolidation Loan Thu, 14 Mar 2019 16:50:11 +0000 Finance Service, a financial agency based in Modica and operating throughout Sicily, in particular the entire Province of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania, offers you the loan for debt consolidation if you have many installments to pay and many debts in progress with more banks or institutions credit.

Debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation loan

The Debt Consolidation Loan is a financial instrument that allows you to combine the payments on your current loans (prepared either by the same bank or different institutions) in a single lighter monthly installment. In other words, debt consolidation is a loan that allows you to combine multiple loans into one only to close other loans, that is, extinguish other loans.

Debt consolidation, all the benefits

With the debt consolidation loan you can have only one counterparty for all the loans, personal loans and mortgages with the possibility of spreading your payments from 24 to 120 months. 
The Debt Consolidation Loan  not only reduces the burden of your monthly installments but allows you to get extra liquidity without providing any reasons. Debt consolidation also allows you to settle the refinancing with a complete saving of interest on the capital still due.

Debt consolidation, debt management and control

The Consolidate Debts should when, due to financial difficulties or unexpected, you find yourself in the position of not being able to pay in time the rate of the various ongoing funding, that is, when you become aware of being in debt over your real possibilities.The Debt Consolidation Loan allows you to have more control over the overall debt by having the possibility to extend the duration of the loan to get a lower monthly payment that is adequate to your repayment capacity.

Debt consolidation, requirements

  • Age between 18 and 75 years
  • Have a permanent employment contract with a regular paycheck
  • Have at least 6 months of seniority for employees and one year for self-employed workers
  • Have a good credit position (no protests, foreclosures or Crif reports as a “bad payer”)

In addition to workers (employees, self-employed and freelancers), retirees can also apply for a debt consolidation loan.Summing up:

  • Convenience to repay a single monthly payment (generally for a lower amount)
  • You can request additional liquidity to meet your expenses
  • A single counterparty for all the funds raised
  • Possibility to choose a different interest rate
  • Possibility to extend the maturity of the loan installments up to a maximum of 120 months.
  • If you are a public employee, a state employee or a pensioner, you can request a consolidation with salary-backed salary.
  • Extending the extinction time
  • Possibility to settle the refinancing in a single solution
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Requirements for entering into a debt consolidation: Educational loan Mon, 25 Feb 2019 03:16:33 +0000

An educational loan is commonly available to students as well as students. However, the desired loan is only granted if certain conditions are met.

Educational Credit: Why?

Educational Credit: Why?

An educational loan is awarded to students and students so that they can reach their destination faster and cover additional costs.

An educational loan is granted mainly because it allows students to complete their education or study more quickly and to cover the most varied and extraordinary costs with the money that can not be paid for with the help of Federal financial aid. This is also the decisive reason why an educational loan can be applied for in addition to the Federal financial aid.

However, as it is usually the case that students and students are generally unable to apply for sufficient collateral for the awarding of an educational loan, the federal government is beginning to grant a deficiency guarantee. The deficiency guarantee is the so-called federal guarantee, which also ensures that the loan is granted at a very favorable interest rate.

In addition, in the case of an educational loan, it should be borne in mind that neither the assets nor the income of the applicant, his spouse or even the parents are taken into account here.

Attention: However, the granting of the loan is such that in principle only such studies or training are subsidized by means of an education loan, which are also recognized according to the guidelines of the Federal financial aid.


In order to be awarded an educational loan, it is essential to meet the various requirements.

In order for an education loan to be awarded, students and students must fulfill various requirements. In contrast to the Federal financial aid, however, there is no legal claim, since this is an educational loan, which is assigned to the education loan program, which has a predetermined budget.

– Prerequisites Students : In order for students to receive an educational loan, they must already be in an advanced study section. It is important to know how “advanced” is defined in this context: A student classified as “advanced” is someone who has already successfully completed the intermediate exam of his / her degree program. But even those who have successfully completed the first part of their consecutive degree program or who are in a Master’s or Master’s degree or a postgraduate degree program are able to apply for an education loan. In the case of a bachelor’s degree, it is sufficient if the university issues a corresponding proof that the student has managed to provide the usual services required during the first year of the course.

If, however, it is a course of study that does not provide for an intermediate examination in the curriculum, written proof from the university or the respective training institution is also required, which proves that the prospective borrower has achieved the benefits required within the first two years.

– Prerequisites Pupils : Pupils, on the other hand, are only entitled to apply for an educational loan if they have already reached the age of 18 and are therefore of legal age. They must also either in possession or be a completed education reach the respective professional qualification in either the penultimate or last year of the allotted time period of the education loan.

However, in addition to these specific requirements for students, there are other general conditions that must also be met:

– Age : Usually, as mentioned above, an educational loan is only awarded if the applicant in question has already reached the age of 18; This usually applies to students as well. In addition, however, the loan is only paid up to the month in which the prospective borrower has already reached the age of 36.

– Nationality : When applying for an education loan, however, one’s own nationality also plays a very important role. Thus, the loan is only paid to German nationals, as explained in the Basic Law.

However, it is also possible for foreigners to receive an educational loan if the following conditions are met:

– The permanent residence of the applicant is located within Germany or the spouse or a parent is a German, as defined in the Basic Law.

– Or the aspiring Darlensnehmer is a recognized refugee.

– Alternatively, however, recognized homeless persons are also entitled to apply for an educational loan. This also applies if an asylum claim exists.

– But even if the applicant has already been in Germany for five years prior to the beginning of the respective section of his training and has also been legally employed.

– Is it the case that the parents of the prospective borrower have been resident in Germany for six years and continue to make a legal acquisition? In addition, the preconditions for a shorter employment lasting at least six months do not provide evidence of a six-year employment for an unjustifiable cause.



With an educational loan, the amount of the loan amount is fixed.

In the case of an educational loan, the minimum sum is the same as the maximum maximum benefit. This amounts to at least 1,000 euros and a maximum of 7,200 euros. The payment of the loan amounts to 300 euros per month, which are generally transferred in advance. In addition, the maximum duration of funding is 24 months.

euro 1976639 640

However, it is possible that students as well as students decide between different payment amounts: Here you can pay 100, 200 and 300 Euro per month. Furthermore, a one-time payment is possible, which is made in addition to the respective disbursements. Their amount amounts to 3,600 euros; where the below conditions must be given.

In addition, it is feasible to limit the number of installments at the beginning. However, this may not be less than three months. If that is so feasible, it is possible to apply for an additional loan during the 24 months.

While it is possible to divide the education loan over the 24 months, such an approach is limited to a total of only two loans.

However, if a larger sum is needed to make a specific, exceptional purchase and the claimant is able to present it credibly, then in addition to the monthly payments, upon receipt of a request, the 3,600 euro described above may also be pre-paid be paid out.



However, it is equally important to pay attention to the duration during which an educational loan is awarded to the maximum.

As already explained above, the longest possible period of the credit for education is 24 months. In addition, however, that the loan is paid out at most until the end of the twelfth semester.

However, if a longer loan is required, the applicant will only receive it if he or she has been admitted to the final examination and the university certifies that it is possible to complete the training during the relevant period.

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Loan Despite Real Estate Financing Sat, 09 Feb 2019 16:15:45 +0000

Real estate financing is a tedious business. The term is at least ten years. After that, follow-up financing is needed in most cases. Now the legitimate question arises whether a loan is possible despite real estate financing.

Beware of over-indebtedness

Beware of over-indebtedness

A real estate loan incurs far higher rates than a installment loan. In addition, it is unpredictable what happens within the long ten-year term. Unemployment could become a topic or the borrower becomes so seriously ill that he can no longer work. The banks are likely to see the same and refuse a loan for sure despite real estate financing. The borrower should ask himself if there is an urgent need for another loan. If the installments for the property are no longer paid, then the house or apartment passes to the bank and the borrower becomes homeless.

If need be, most consumers still have access to the current account disposition, which can be used as a loan if required, in spite of real estate financing. But you should be aware that the use of very high interest rates.

Loan by private

Loan by private

For traditional banks, a loan should be almost impossible despite real estate financing. For too long now there is the portal Creditend on the internet. Here are the chances for another loan significantly better. That’s because this is an association of private individuals who lend their money. The reason for this is simple, because there are higher returns due to interest rates than any other form of investment. After a successful registration, the user can state his loan request and specify the amount of the monthly installment. With luck, he will find suitable financiers. Although the guidelines for lending are not as stringent as those for banks, a review of Private Credit is also taking place here. The real estate loan is thus visible. For this reason alone, one should play with the loan request with open cards. This increases the chance of a loan.

Can the real estate loan be increased?

Can the real estate loan be increased?

No. A real estate loan is earmarked. The initial term is as fixed as the amount of interest. A conventional installment loan can be increased. In the case of a real estate loan, no additional costs can subsequently be borne by the borrower. The purchase price of the property is fixed and was recorded by a notary. For other purposes, this loan is not available. Therefore, there can not be an increase.

The lending bank will reject another loan anyway, because it fears the risk. Only an internet bank could agree to another loan. Dependent is a loan commitment of several factors. The loan rating must be good, the loan amount not overdrawn and the monthly installments must be affordable despite the rate for the real estate loan. Such a project is really only possible if the borrower has a very good net income. In addition, a new loan should be hedged accordingly. A residual debt insurance would be advantageous here. Some banks, in any case, make a loan commitment dependent on the conclusion of such a loan.

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Loan for Sewer Rehabilitation – Fast Financed – Small Installments Sun, 03 Feb 2019 15:56:40 +0000

A loan for sewer rehabilitation is due, for example, if the drain or a channel is clogged. Especially when the pipes in the sewer system are already old, it may happen that a sewer rehabilitation must be carried out.

The renovation is associated with significant costs. The cost ultimately depends on the method used, but it is usually expensive anyway.

Finance sewer rehabilitation – in keywords

  • Check over 20 possible loan offers with just one application
  • Apply for – now and without obligation – your restructuring loan in comparison
  • The clever software immediately checks your request and accompanies you safely to personally matching offers

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – location

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - location

If a degree is clogged, often a complete sewer rehabilitation is due. Especially when old pipes are still laid in the sewage system.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – low interest rate & fast

The costs then depend on whether a channel can still be repaired or whether a complete renewal must be made. If there is a major damage or a complete breakage of pipes, often even the soil must be torn open. The exact costs depend on the procedures used. This goes from a trenchless sewer rehabilitation to a sewer rehabilitation with a robot.

Customers will have to reckon with a loan for sewer rehabilitation with costs of 2000 to 10000 Euro. If, however, old pipes have to be renewed and made accessible, the costs can increase.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – the facts

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - the facts

Not all customers have so much on the high edge to pay these costs. Many customers also often have no building insurance, although these insurance companies pay only with reservations. If you are used to rent, the landlord will have to cover these expenses. But at a home owner bears the cost of the owner.

Thus, a sewer rehabilitation on their own land can easily reach a four- to five-figure sum that just older or living people can not pay. This can quickly ruin financially weak households. For this reason, banks provide low-interest loans. Intrasavings bank also offers low-interest loans.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – financing

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - financing

So should first be inquired at the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, whether a low-interest loan for sewer rehabilitation is possible. However, the application must be made before the measure. Also, the loan application can not be made directly with the Intrasavings bank, this runs all over the house bank. However, this loan application requires that, for example, a sewage treatment plant be converted or if a road rehabilitation is pending.

If Intrasavings bank is out of the question, for example, the house bank can be a contact person. Especially if there was also a real estate financing was completed.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – credit requirements

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - credit requirements

If you need a loan, you have to prove to the bank that you are able to pay a loan. First of all, the bank checks the income of the customer. This should ideally be above the attachment exemption limit. The is currently anchored at 1150 euros and that for a single person.

In addition, the private credit must be in order, this must not contain negative entries. Also important is a permanent job from which the income is received regularly. Other liabilities such as loans or installments should be manageable. If you are on the limit with your monthly budget, you will not get a loan even if your income is good.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – choose the right loan

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - choose the right loan

So that the loan also fits the monthly budget, a cash fall should be made first. All expenses are compared to revenues.

There should be a residual amount left, which can be used as part of the loan installment. Experts advise not to use the entire surplus for the rate, because then there is no reserve, when it comes to unexpected purchases or repairs. Also important is the amount of the rate. In no case should clients let themselves be floated by banks and choose a higher rate just because the loan is then paid faster. A short term is ideal for the banks, since they have only a low default risk.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – credit comparison

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - credit comparison

If the house bank’s offer is unsatisfactory, a lender can also search for a lender on the internet. Customers have a wide choice. But you should choose the lender carefully and, above all, read the terms carefully.

You simply enter the loan amount and the desired term in the comparison. Directly the installment amount and the interest rate becomes visible. As for the interest rate to mention that this does not apply to all customers. Banks, of course, set the interest rate, the customers receive a flawless credit rating. But many credit seekers do not have that. Therefore the interest rate offer valid for you with a personal loan offer is valid. If the credit rate seems too high to the customer, he can adjust it to his income by extending his term.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – pay attention to special conditions

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - pay attention to special conditions

Many customers only stiffen the interest rate, ignoring the fact that they may receive an inflexible loan. This means that no special repayments can be made.

Often no rate breaks are provided. But that should be important for a loan. Because it is precisely the borrowers who have special payments in the course of the year could replace the loan prematurely with a permitted special repayment.

If this was not agreed, the special repayment can not take place or it will be charged. It’s the same with installment breaks. In most cases, a loan runs for many years, since it can come here and there to a financial bottleneck, which could catch one or two installment breaks.

Credit for sewer rehabilitation – bad private credit

Credit for sewer rehabilitation - bad private credit

Who has a bad private credit and in this country asks for a loan, who will often receive a rejection. The bad private credit shows the bank that it has come in the past to payment difficulties and rejects the loan.

For these customers, there are the private creditfreien loans that come now from Liechtenstein. The credit from the Liechtensteiner Bank is only available from 3500 Euro and a maximum of 7500 Euro will be granted.

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Lease Loan for the Self-employed Wed, 30 Jan 2019 15:39:46 +0000

The self-employed are often excluded in the credit world, as banks believe they are not creditworthy with any salary. This is an opinion that does not always correspond to the facts. The self-employed can be very successful and have a good salary. Therefore, it is up to the self-employed person to convince the banks of the opposite. With the right documents and a dose of self-assurance is a lightning loan for self-employed.

Borrowing with obstacles

Borrowing with obstacles


Banks are reluctant to grant a lightning loan for the self-employed. The irregular salary and the economic situation cause banks to be cautious. However, borrowing can be successful if the self-employed person prepares well for the bank discussion and, above all, has all the necessary documents with him.

These documents include a business evaluation, the account statements of the past six months, a profit or loss account or a loss and profit account. Thus, the risk for the bank can be minimized. Should the bank still cross, a guarantor can also be used.

It would be an advantage if the guarantor is not a self-employed person and can prove a regular income. The guarantor provides this proof with the salary statements and bank statements of the last three to six months. In addition, the Schufa is checked with the applicant and also with a guarantor. In the Schufa are loan agreements, unpaid bills and garnishments. If these entries exist, it will be difficult to obtain a lightning loan for the self-employed.

It is also important whether the loan is a business loan or a personal loan. For a personal loan, it is often enough to apply to the house bank. Depending on the credit rating, a loan with a certain amount is then awarded. Here are the usual documents such as bank statements. There need not be a reason why the loan is taken. In the case of a business loan, however, the loan amount may be used exclusively for the business. In addition, the bank often requires a listing of what the money is needed for.

Where can self-employed people take out a loan?

Where can self-employed people take out a loan?

There are several ways to get a lightning loan for the self-employed. Many prefer their own house bank. This has the advantage that the bank already knows the borrower. A glance at the computer is enough to see the last account movements.

In addition, the interest rates are not hit as high as with other providers. Another possibility of borrowing are foreign banks. These can be, for example, direct banks. Although the same conditions must be met as with the house bank, interest rates may be lower. To find out, a credit comparison can help.

Anyone who has no opportunity to take out a loan for both options can also turn to Infrasavings Bank. This gives low-cost loans, especially to entrepreneurs. However, the application for the self-employment lending loan must be made to the principal bank. Interest rates are often very low, as they are subsidized by the state.

An application can be made to the house bank, which then contacts the Infrasavings bank. A loan application can also be made here if an old loan is still being paid off. Many banks now offer their customers the option of applying online. Especially self-employed, who have a lot to do and little time, can save so much time. From home you can apply for a lightning loan for the self-employed.

Which alternatives can be used?

Which alternatives can be used?

A further alternative for a lightning loan for self employed represents a personal loan. This can come from the friend or family circle. In addition, there are also providers on the Internet who provide a loan from private individuals. Here, however, it should be remembered that the interest rates are much higher than with banks. Who has no alternative, must bite so in the sour apple and spend more for his credit.

The repayment is equal to that of banks. A monthly rate is agreed, which must be paid on time. Before signing a contract, a comparison can help you find the right loan. The comparison will save a lot of money, because with the multiplicity of offerers the overview can be lost fast. If the self-employed take out a lightning loan for self-employed in a private environment, a contract should necessarily be concluded. Templates are issued on the Internet. Only then can both sides be sure that the installments will be paid off.

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Debt consolidation Fri, 30 Nov 2018 17:02:21 +0000 If what you need is to better control the payment of your debts, and you need more liquidity in your economy, the consolidation of debts is presented as a good alternative.

The term consolidates or unifies means to group all the debts into one, with which we can define the consolidation of debts in the process by which we can convert all our monthly payments into a single payment.

In this way, we will be able to reduce the monthly payment that we will pay, in order to be able to face all payments in term and in a more comfortable way.

In the market, we can find several specialized companies that offer the service of debt consolidation, and that usually offer a low-interest loan with a longer term than usual so you can return the money. Also, as additional services, these companies can negotiate with the creditors a reduction of the initial debt, and can even help you recover your credit score.

With the consolidation of debts, you can group all types of debts, such as personal loans, mortgage loans, credit card debts, loans for studies, and any other type of credit or loan that we may have.

It is very important to bear in mind that to consolidate debts a material guarantee is required, such as a house or a car, and to have stable monthly income to be able to repay the loan.

The great advantage offered by debt consolidation is that on many occasions the financial institution offers us a new mortgage to pay off other debts, and since the interest rate on mortgages is much lower than that of personal loans or credit cards, this system will allow us to save a lot of money in interest, so your debt is reduced.

Finally, remember that when reducing the debt the only monthly payment that we will have to pay will be lower than the sum of all the current installments, although with a longer term.

Mortgage Debt Consolidation

Kadita is one of the entities that allows you to reunify debts or credits when hiring your Mortgage Debt Consolidation.

The financial product offers you the possibility of financing up to 80% of your total debt at a variable interest rate of Eudora + 1.25% (2.54% APR), and with a maximum repayment term of 30 years.

It is an exclusive product for those who decide to change their current mortgage in another entity and transfer it to Kadita.

In this way, if you intend to change your bank mortgage, and also looking to pay all your loans in one, you can access this product without opening fees or partial cancellation but requires you to hire 4 linked products :

• Home insurance 
• Life insurance 
• Payment protection insurance 
• Direct payroll and 3 household receipts

It should also be noted that one of its great attractions is that it allows obtaining additional liquidity of 30,000 euros.

A good alternative to reunify your credits, although limited to those who have a mortgage in another entity and is willing to change it to Kadita.



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